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Campus Outreach

Students organizations can make significant contributions to our work.

Raise Funds

Students and student groups can raise funds to support ProjectEDUCATE and even specific ProjectEDUCATE programs.

If you would like to raise funds for ProjectEDUCATE, consider:

Be the Change

Volunteer to work with our community partners in Zambia. If you are interested in a self-funded trip to Zambia please fill in the application form. Once you are accepted into the program, you will be sent a volunteer enrolment packet.

We recommend planning your trip at least a year in advance. Use this time to raise funds to support your trip as well as familiarize yourself with Zambian culture.

While we accept single volunteers into the program, we highly recommend teaming up with other students for a more rewarding experience.

For a list of available volunteer activities, please visit our volunteer page.

Run a book drive.

Learn how on our book drive page.

K-12 In Action

Every year, student like you help raise funds to support ProjectEDUCATE. No contribution is too small.

In the past students have:

If you are interested in raising funds for to support ProjectEDUCATE. Please send us a quick note and remember to send us pictures so we can share your efforts with other students.

Third-graders from Oak Meadow elementary school in Texas held a back yard sale and raised $300.

Katelyn from California held a party and raised nearly $1,000.