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How to help

Schools, churches and groups

Join Conservation Nation. It's free, it's easy and you'll be helping to protect the environment. Contact us for details.

Corporations and other businesses

Sponsor an installation

2014 installations include a blue whale, a tyrannosaurus, a stegosaurus and a killer whale (orca).

Make a financial contribution to our tree fund

Every donation to our tree fund goes to planting trees in communities especially in deforested areas which are more vulnerable to erosion and soil degradation. Your support to the tree fund will also help establish tree nurseries at schools across the country as well as help raise awareness on the role and importance of trees to the environment.

Join our tree planting days

Tree planting is easy and any one can do it. We plant trees all year round but our most active season is the rain season from November to March. It is a great exercise to build camaraderie and team work amongst stuff while doing something positive for the environment.

Join our litter picking days

Our litter licking campaign runs all year round. In addition to schools a special emphasis is placed on the "treacherous trio" markets, stations and hospitals. This is because they produce the most litter and garbage and are most prone to disease. Keeping them litter and garbage free goes a long way in ensuring clean and healthy communities.

Donate to our Stop the Drop campaign

Your financial support will help ensure schools and communities have the necessary tools and resources including trashcans to make the change and keep their communities safe and clean. In addition to trashcans and other tools your support will help raise awareness about the negative effects and dangers of littering and fly-tipping, Trashcans are simple and effective tools to help keep litter and garbage from our schools and communities. They help improve the aesthetic beauty of communities while keeping harmful substances from water and soil.