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Works with schools to and entire communities to reduce the amount of litter in communities with a focus on schools, bus stations and markets. The initiative seeks alternative uses for litter with the main activity being using litter to create art installations.


Throwing trash and garbage seems like a small simple and harmless act. But is it? Litter and garbage negatively impact the environment by:

Litter is not just unsightly it is also bad for the environment. Landfills produce high amounts of green house emissions. The high concentrations of litter and garbage also seep into soil and water sources and contaminates and pollutes these valuable resources on which life of earth is dependent.

LitterACT collects recyclable waste and uses it to create art installations that teach children about the world in which they live and help give them an appreciation of art. Installations focus on extinct creatures and those that don't exist locally opening a window into a world that would ordinarily be closed to local children.

Stop the Drop and help protect the environment.

Why art installations

Children in Zambia like many others from other parts of the world will never see a whale or a skeleton of a prehistoric animal. The installations help give children of the world in which they live opening a window to worlds that would otherwise be lost to them. The use of recyclable waste material helps to keep such products out of landfill and help give them new life.

Who can participate

Any one can participate. Groups, schools, churches especially are encouraged to participate.