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Who are we?

A non-profit, non-governmental organization designed to help improve educational standards and infrastructure in the southern African state of Zambia. As an organization, we put the emphasis on education because it is empowering, it gives people the knowledge, skill and attitude to become active and productive members of their communities. Education is thus an indispensable component to development.


In pursuit of our mission and objectives we work with local community partners to support governments' development agenda by strengthening local capacities to implement educational programming. This includes working with school administration to improve school administration and management as well as improve access to educational resources of students and provide training and professional development of teachers to opportunities to improve learner outcomes. In short, our work focuses on supporting students, empowering communities and engaging communities.


Educational standards and infrastructure that support development.



As an organization we strive to explore, support and enhance the role of education in development in the communities in which we work. Above all we emphasize the identification of local resources and creating locally relevant solutions by addressing issues in the context in which they exist in communities.

Access to resources is the fundamental requirement for development, to this end we focus on working with communities to provide them with access to resources; specifically educational resources. We believe with access comes knowledge with knowledge comes skill and where there is both access and skill, development is bound to follow. Making it possible for people to not only be in a position to identify resources but make effective use of them. Something special happens when people do things for themselves, their sense of worth is increased along with that is a sense of ownership.

In addition to access, ProjectEDUCATE works to improve skill by providing relevant training to all of our community partners. Given the role technology has to play in development, all of our training programs include computer literacy. Allowing people to not only acquire skill but take advantage of advances in technology, opening them up to possibilities outside of their communities and empowering them to take more active and productive roles in community development.

Our Work

Our work focuses on providing individuals and communities with the tools they need to become active and productive members of their communities. A result our programs are designed to address issues in the context in which they exist. We make a deliberate effort to involve the community at all levels of a project cycle. From design to implementation, through evaluation. This ensures our programs are relevant to community needs. It also ensures project success through community involvement.

Our training programs include:

In an effort to provide relevant solutions, we include local communities at all areas of a project cycle. Soliciting their input in program design, implementation and evaluation. This helps ensure that programs are relevant and project success as a result of community participation.

In addition we capitalize on the support and resources of our partners. Allowing us to draw from their experiences and professional expertise to design and implement programs. This goes a long way in helping create and implement high quality initiatives.